Construction Services

An in-house Construction Services Division with over 25 years of experience? Yep, we have it. Our construction crews can provide a turnkey solution for rapid deployment of your 5G network including fiber optic cable installation, wireless installation, testing, repair and maintenance solutions.

Hardware & Software

FirstLight offers an extensive catalogue of hardware and software from best-in-breed technology vendors and distribution providers. We’re here to help you support your elite services with elite technology. If that doesn’t create a happy customer, what does?

Fiber Network

Our unique fiber routes and scalable bandwidth can support your company with wavelength, dark fiber, and upstream Internet connectivity. Did we mention we have over 25,000 route-miles of fiber across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic?

Engineering Expertise

Don’t go it alone. Our staff of engineering experts for ongoing services, like network management and monitoring, is ready to help you get the most out of your solution.