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Webinar Presentation Slides

Monitoring solutions provide insight into how your technology is performing, detect and alert you to potential issues, and analyze performance to help you plan your next move.


Network & Enterprise Monitoring

Many IT professionals aren’t aware of the risks that their business could be facing until a problem occurs. FirstLight Network and Enterprise Monitoring allow business customers to understand their entire network infrastructure, inside and out.


Utilities Monitoring Case Study

A Well-Known Transportation Services Company Remains Focused on Its Commitment to Quality by Leveraging FirstLight’s Engineering Services Agreement (ESA).


Featured Speaker

Douglas is the Senior Vice President of Monitoring Services at FirstLight and joined the company through the recent acquisition of TruePath Technologies Inc., where he was the Founder and Senior Engineer for 16 years. With over 25 years of experience in Enterprise Data Centers, Douglas is an O’Reilly author of Amazon’s #1 selling network management book “Essential SNMP” (now in its second edition). He leads the Monitoring Services Group at FirstLight, which specializes in network and enterprise monitoring solutions.

Douglas Mauro, SVP of Monitoring Services – FirstLight