Which nBox is Right For Me?

Picking the right nBox depends on your use case. Are you looking for full packet capture? Monitor flow or maybe something to help with DDoS? Look through the lists below and if you still need a hand, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help.
Network / Flow Monitoring

nProbe / Cento nBox

Looking to collect and export NetFlow flows generated by border gateways/switches/routers or any other device that can export in NetFlow v5/v9.

Packet Recorder

nBox Recorder

Capture full-sized network packets at multi-Gigabit rate (above 10 Gigabit/s on adequate hardware) from a live network interface, and write them into pcap files without any packet loss.


nScrub nBox

nScrub is a DDoS mitigation engine based on PF_RING ZC able to operate at 10 Gbps line-rate using commodity hardware.

Monitor Apps and Traffic On My Network

The nBox Probe is perfect for this. Using the built in software, it can sort network traffic according to many criteria. Show real-time network traffic, active hosts and produce long-term reports.

I Need PCAP Files

These are standard PCAP formatted files from full packet captures. These are typically needed / used with the nBox Recorders.

Collect and Forward Flows

The nProbe nBox is the right choice. It has the ability to not only receive flows but can pass (forward) them onto another (maybe nbox) as well.

Using a network tap or spanning port?

These devices / setups are typically used to copy traffic onto the nBox network. These can be useful on both nBox Probe and nBox recorders.

Do you offer HW and SW Support?

Yes! We have a range of both hardware and software (break/fix) support to fit your business needs. You can even purchase extended hardware warranties. Contact us for details.

Alert When We Get DDoS

The nScrub nBox can trigger an alert and even dump a PCAP (full packet capture) when an event is triggered allowing you to analyze the issue. nScrub is able to export sampled/full good/bad/all traffic to external virtual devices for analysis.

Analyze a full packet

The nBox Recorder can capture full-sized network packets at multi-Gigabit rate from a live network interface, and write them into files without any packet loss. There’s a wide range of port options ranging from 1G up to dual 100G with time stamping.

40g and 100g Capable?

Many of our nBox can be fitted with a range of network ports and speeds. Ranging anywhere from 1g to dual 100G with timestamping, let us know what you’re looking for and we can build an nBox that’s right for you.

Ready To Go nBox

All nBox hardware appliances are built, tested and shipped to you ready to go. They can even be configured with your IP addresses to make installing in your data center easier.