Leading provider of global subsea connectivity services selects FirstLight to help diversely connect their transatlantic routes

Albany, NY – August 3, 2023 – FirstLight, a leading provider of digital infrastructure services to cloud, content and carrier customers, announced today that Aqua Comms has selected FirstLight for its unique fiber optic routes in the Northeast.

Aqua Comms sought a relationship with FirstLight to help provide diverse fiber optic connectivity to connect its transatlantic presence at Lynn Landing to carrier hotels and other points of interest in the Northeast. FirstLight’s fiber routes to Lynn Landing presented Aqua Comms with an opportunity for high-capacity fiber, as well as unique routes for added resiliency and diversity. By partnering together, both organizations have access to unique capabilities and fiber routes that offer diversity and resiliency.

“The partnership between Aqua Comms and FirstLight presents an opportunity for both organizations. FirstLight’s unique routes throughout the Northeast enable Aqua Comms and our customers to connect to carrier hotels, data centers, and many points in North America such as New York City, Montreal, Albany and more. These secure routes allow us to meet the needs of our customers by providing high-capacity, resilient connectivity,” said Chris Bayly, CCO at Aqua Comms.

Aqua Comms didn’t just choose FirstLight for its unique routes, but also considered other factors, including FirstLight’s reputation for support, its dedication to quality and a network that is designed for performance and speed.

“Aqua Comms is an important customer and partner for FirstLight,” said Patrick Coughlin, Chief Development Officer at FirstLight. “We’re not only excited to provide diverse fiber-optic connectivity for Aqua Comms, but we also look forward to a strong partnership that provides our mutual customers with access to high-capacity, global communications.”

Both Aqua Comms and FirstLight agree that the trend toward route diversity in network planning and design is not a new one, but the interest in unique, high-capacity fiber routes has been trending upward. “Content and cloud providers, carriers and large enterprises are seeking fiber routes that don’t just follow the traditional pathways,” said Bayly. “Together with FirstLight, delivering truly diverse, secure fiber connectivity across the Atlantic and to points beyond is now more possible than ever.”

About Aqua Comms

Aqua Comms is a leading provider of global subsea connectivity services delivered through an extensive portfolio of owned and operated subsea systems. Aqua Comms offers connectivity networking solutions including managed capacity services, spectrum and dark fiber to the global content, cloud and carrier markets.

To learn more about Aqua Comms and its portfolio of connectivity networking solutions visit www.aquacomms.com.

In April 2021, Aqua Comms DAC was acquired by Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (DGI9), an LSE listed investment trust managed by Triple Point Investment Management LLP. The Company invests in the infrastructure of the internet that underpins the world’s digital economy. The number 9 in Digital 9 Infrastructure comes from the UN Sustainable Development Goal 9, which focuses the fund on investments that increase connectivity globally and improve the sustainability of digital infrastructure.

To learn more about D9 visit www.d9infrastructure.com.

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