Why Milliseconds Matter for Finance Companies

The finance industry is going through a digital transformation. PricewaterhouseCoopers reported that the global investment in financial technology has tripled since 2014 to reach over $12 billion. More and more financial institutions are interacting with customers through mobile devices. G2 Crowd, a business solutions reviewer, predicted that mobile payments will increase by 60% between now … Read More

How Healthcare Providers Can Amp Up Security in 2019

Healthcare providers must deliver end-to-end data security because they manage personally identifiable information and medical histories, both of which can be targeted by cybercriminals to steal patients’ identities or commit insurance fraud. Patients rely on hospitals and medical centers to protect their privacy as well as their health. Healthcare providers need to find new ways … Read More

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Needs a Unified Approach

When companies develop their data protection and disaster recovery strategies, they often assemble them using disparate solutions. Using multiple backup and recovery tools can lead to confusion. Confusion slows recovery times, and taking too long to recover from a downtime event can come at a big cost. The Uptime Institute’s Abnormal Incident Report (AIR) for … Read More

3 Ways to Bolster Your Security Game

Hackers are infinitely clever at finding ways to circumvent company defenses. Many traditional methods of data security can fail to protect mission-critical information. For example, SecurityMetrics found that in 2018, 57% of companies had firewalls in place at the time of a data breach. Some companies take a reactive approach to data security, identifying anomalous … Read More

Top 3 Reasons for Using Encrypted Waves

Today, companies need to protect larger volumes of data than ever before. Data is streaming in from various endpoints such as Internet of things (IoT) and mobile devices. Organizations often have multiple branch offices or worksites that must send data over the network to the main office. Cybercriminals continually adapt their attack vectors to infiltrate … Read More

Top 3 Data-Growth Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

As technology continues to advance, healthcare providers have access to better information, more sophisticated tools, and increasingly powerful diagnostics. While these advancements offer many benefits, the volume of data generated by medical technology is creating serious storage challenges for the healthcare industry. According to a 2018 report published by IDC, the volume of data in … Read More

3 Reasons Your Company Needs a Managed Firewall

An up-to-date firewall can help you protect your organization’s network while allowing legitimate business communication to be sent and received. It keeps bad actors out and can be used to keep employees away from insecure or non-work-related sites. While a firewall provides excellent security and protection, it needs monitoring and management. Monitoring your own firewall … Read More