How IoT is Playing a Lead Role in the Utilities Industry

Utility companies are using smart meters to give customers control over their energy use. Smart thermostats can be used to gather data so that utility companies can gauge energy consumption and offer incentives to customers who conserve energy. A smart energy grid allows utilities to control energy flow and increase efficiencies. Water sensors can track … Read More

3 Reasons Why Managed Edge Security Is a Must

In the past, all you had to do was secure your perimeter and your data was safe. Technology has evolved and changed all that. Today, your data is dispersed: it’s in the cloud, in your employee’s mobile devices, and in your data center. You have a responsibility to protect your valuable data, no matter where … Read More

How to Defend Against Breaches in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and cloud computing have improved productivity and changed the way the world works. Companies are moving their applications and data to the cloud for many reasons such as  efficiencies, flexibility, agility. This revolutionary change has also shifted the location of risk from central infrastructure to endpoint devices.  While digital transformation has brought new … Read More

Why Utilities Can’t Afford to Skimp on Disaster Recovery

Utility companies are a high-value target in the world of cyberterrorism. If a breach knocks out utility infrastructure, an entire community can be disabled. The population could be plunged into darkness and/or denied water, heat, and fuel. This is the goal of many state-sponsored and independent hackers. Cost of Breaches on the Rise in 2018 … Read More

Top Five Ways UC Transforms Utilities

It’s a time of transformation for the energy industry. Change is being driven by a variety of forces, namely technology and increased customer expectations. Customers have come to expect high-tech digital experiences from service providers, and utilities are no exception. Tech-savvy customers are putting pressure on utility companies to modernize their operations and stay competitive. … Read More

How to Accelerate Performance Speed in Healthcare

Speed is crucial in healthcare. After a traumatic injury, stroke, or heart attack, a medical team has a small window in which to stabilize and treat a patient to produce the best outcome. For example, the National Stroke Association emphasizes that getting medical help immediately after a stroke is the key to optimal recovery, noting … Read More

How Finance Needs to Adapt Its Approach to Security in 2019

The average number of cyberattacks has increased by an alarming 67% over the last 5 years for all industries, according to Ponemon and Accenture’s latest Cost of Cybercrime study. The banking industry remains a top target, suffering an estimated loss of $18.37 million in 2018. Security has always been a concern for financial institutions. Financial … Read More