HW group’s line of products ranges from the popular HWg-STE ethernet web thermometer to the award winning Poseidon2® 3266: remote monitoring of sensors over the network. It measures temperature, voltage, and states of dry contacts (digital inputs), SNMP, and more! HW-Group products have the added functionality of integration with many of the Network monitoring platforms supported here at FirstLight. You can seamlessly tie into Solarwinds, CheckMk, Grafana. and OP5. The ability to have an all encompassing solution is a highly coveted feature when examining, and monitoring your critical Infrastructure.

FirstLight is the sole authorized reseller and supporter of all HW-group products in the United States, Canada, and parts of South America. Designed for IT, dataCenter, industrial and security applications, HW-group products provide monitoring and remote control over M2M. We carry the entire line of HW-group products. If you do not see the product you are looking for, please contact us.

SensDesk – Free Online Portal from HW-group

SensDesk.com is a web-based service for online remote monitoring and control of HW group sensors and devices. You can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, digital inputs, voltage, current, energy consumption and many more.

You can also remotely control your technology using outputs.

SensDesk is easy to setup, just connect your HW group device to the network, create an account and start monitoring! SensDesk is for end users as well as project installations with hundreds of devices. It can even also be installed on your own servers.The setup is quick and easy and our sensors can provide data over Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS, LTE or Narrowband IoT.


  • Support for Ethernet-based Poseidon products
  • Support for the GSM/GPRS product
  • Concise WEB interface (HTTPS)
  • Alarm alerts, alarms processed by the monitoring center
  • Alarms can be conditionally forwarded to e-mail or SMS

Applications and Usage:

  • IT – Monitoring of operating conditions: Temperature monitoring in 19” racks and server rooms Monitoring of UPS status, humidity, power, access to the room
  • Food industry: Monitoring of storage conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) within a certification system (HACCP)
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Monitoring of pharmaceutics storage

How SensDesk Works


SensDesk Alerts