Don’t Let Preventable Downtime Stop Your Business

There was a time when an outage was nothing more than an inconvenience – times have changed.

Today, every minute of downtime could turn into a catastrophic loss of revenue, valuable product, priceless research, employee productivity and even your company’s reputation.


Consider these facts:

  • Downtime costs businesses $85,000 per hour on average
  • Companies lose 545 hours of employee productivity every year due to IT downtime
  • Nearly 50% of consumers avoid an organization if downtime caused them to wait more than five minutes for service

If you’re not proactively monitoring your network, your enterprise is vulnerable to preventable downtime.

Many organizations use monitoring solutions to regulate network performance and respond to problems, but simply having a solution is not the same as having the right solution.

We’re here to help.

The definitive Guide to Monitoring Solutions for Enterprises

We’ve created a guide to help you find the right solution for your organization. 

Download our free guide, “The Definitive Guide to Monitoring Solutions for Enterprises,” to learn:

  • The Top Three Ways Enterprise Monitoring Benefits Your Business
  • The Real Cost of Downtime for Business
  • The Good, Better and Best of Enterprise Monitoring
  • The Questions to Help You Find the Right Monitoring Partner