Even in today’s data-driven business world, the inability to make and receive calls translates to missed opportunities and decreased employee productivity.

Stay connected with high quality, reliable voice services delivered on FirstLight’s exclusive fiber optic-to-the-premise service. FirstLight offers numerous voice solutions including bundled and usage-based PRI, SIP Trunks, conferencing solutions, and traditional business lines. Our experienced staff will work with you and your phone system vendor to meet your organization’s unique demands.

Voice Services are not available in all regions.

“While upgrading our Internet bandwidth from 20 Mbps. to 100 Mbps., we took the opportunity to consolidate our Internet and voice services with FirstLight, which helped us to achieve further cost savings, and allows our IT department the convenience of working with just one local, dependable vendor.”— Mount Sunapee

“FirstLight delivers a service that is fast and reliable. Our Internet and phone services are our main point of contact for operations, and it is critical that we have optimal connectivity.”— The Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

“Each day, our schools require more and more bandwidth, and we needed a network solution that could keep pace. ”— Laconia School District

“FirstLight stood out among all of the potential vendors we reviewed for enabling the bandwidth expansions that we will inevitably need down the road, while also offering the high quality, localized customer service and support we need today”— Laconia School District

“We serve approximately 2,000 students and part of ensuring their educational success is having reliable, high speed Internet from a provider upon whom we can rely and trust”— Laconia School District

“When it came to upgrading our IT infrastructure, security, and Voice over IP services, FirstLight easily met our requirements.”— Convenient MD

“We are incredibly happy with our new relationship with FirstLight and have already noticed a measurable improvement in call quality.”— RE Prescott

“These services allow our employees to make important calls to our customers and vendors without having to worry about echoing issues or, even worse, calls dropping completely.”— RE Prescott

“To ensure our overall operations are running strong for both our patients and employees, when it came to upgrading ConvenientMD’s Internet, IT infrastructure, security and Voice over IP services, we took several factors into consideration. FirstLight easily met these requirements; the company is locally based, and we can easily get to FirstLight’s data center when needed. FirstLight is also highly regarded for its data, cloud and voice services delivered via its own fiber optic network, and the customer service has been exceptional.
— George Murray, IT Manager at ConvenientMD