Cutting-edge security tools.
Seasoned cyber-security professionals.

More than ever before, your organization requires sophisticated capabilities, greater efficiency, and specialized expertise to keep pace with digitalization and protect against rapidly evolving threats to your daily operations.  

Our managed network and security solutions take the burden off your plate, letting your organization reclaim the time and resources needed to maintain its competitive edge. We can help scale, optimize, and protect at every layer of your network. We also have the internal expertise and manpower necessary to help make it happen. Just ask anyone we’ve helped set up managed security.  

FirstLight offers cutting-edge security tools and seasoned cyber-security professionals.


Whether your network has 1 or 10,000 users, we can scale to protect it

We’ll manage your firewalls to operate on the scale and capacity you need them to. You’ll be able to focus on your most important business functions, knowing that we’re already safeguarding your organization in a way that best suits you.  

FirstLight's industry-leading monitoring services offer deep insight into how the network is performing


Gain powerful insight into network performance

If you’re in the market to upgrade your firewall, but you’re not looking forward to dropping a huge amount of money, you can lease it from us for a low monthly cost. Our industry-leading monitoring services give you deep insight into how your network is performing. We provide ongoing support, management, and maintenance to keep your network and devices operating at peak efficiency.

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