Tech Valley Communications opens new headquarters

ALBANY TIMES UNION — June 26, 2013 — Tech Valley Communications opened the doors to its new headquarters Wednesday and also announced new capabilities to deliver high-speed data services to its customers on a quicker timetable.

Tech Valley Communications moved from 87 State St. to 41 State St. — just a couple blocks — in a move that has been in the works for more than a year after the company was courted by New Hampshire economic development officials to locate there instead.

The company, which has built its own fiber-optic network to more than 1,300 customer sites, has been one of the most aggressive in the region after being acquired by the Boston private equity firm Riverside Partners several years ago, buying up other telecom companies in both New Hampshire and Vermont.

In April, Tech Valley Communications, which provides voice and data services to business customers such as hospitals and universities, asked state regulators if it could borrow $75 million to fund future acquisitions.

The company also provides wholesale data services to other customers such as cell phone tower operators, giving them additional capacity.

On Wednesday, Tech Valley Communications also announced it would start offering its high-speed 10-gigabyte-per-second Ethernet and wavelength data services to its customers with a 10-day turnaround.

CEO Kevin O’Connor said that is much quicker than what is typical for the industry where customers may have to wait weeks or months for the service. “Being able to respond to customer demand with the fastest installation intervals in this region provides our clients with quick access to the bandwidth they need, when they need it, and that is what Tech Valley is all about,” O’Connor said.

Tech Valley Communications does not typically serve residential customers. But to put its 10 GBPS service in perspective, the highest data service offered in the Capital Region to residential customers is below 1 gigabyte and would typically be 400 times slower than Tech Valley Communication’s top speeds.