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Major cloud providers boast about their global reach and continuously work to expand it. As part of its 2020 Forecast, technology news source ITProPortal noted that major cloud providers are focused on “world domination.” For example, Microsoft has expanded its reach into Norway, and AWS has moved into Hong Kong, a new region in Africa, and Spain.

Choosing a single cloud provider with data centers across the world might seem to make sense, but a best-of-breed approach may be the smarter choice. For many companies, including those in the Northeastern U.S., working with a cloud provider in the region with a low-latency network has its advantages. A local or regional cloud provider offers performance, management, and maintenance benefits that may be hard to find when choosing a “one size fits all” approach to cloud.

Here is an overview of 5 benefits to accessing cloud computing close to your business: 

1) Better Network Performance

better-network-performance-with-firstlightA local cloud provider can offer low-latency connectivity. Data travels over a shorter distance, so there is less lag as data is transmitted.

Latency rates can reach especially low levels when the cloud provider controls the network and supports cloud services with a high-speed fiber optic network. Reducing latency creates a better user experience. Response times increase, images and video are crystal clear, and audio is virtually jitter free.

2) Optimal Application Performance

Today’s advanced and data-intensive applications require optimal performance. With a regional cloud provider, low latency rates and faster data transmission speeds translate into better performing applications.

Scalable cloud computing resources located within the region mean that companies can take advantage of cloud without the drawbacks of moving workloads to data centers that are farther away.

3) Access to Data

access-to-data-with-firstlightMany companies worry about losing control over their data when it moves to the cloud. When your company’s data is stored at a local cloud data center, you always know where your data is and how it is being protected.

Some industries have regulatory and compliance requirements that mandate that data is maintained locally, in state, in region, or in the U.S. With a local cloud provider, you can be assured that your data is kept local, enabling you to meet these important regulatory and compliance requirements.

If your cloud provider is close by, you can even visit the cloud data center. Taking a tour will allow you to see what security resources are in place and to better understand the people and processes that exist to keep your cloud workloads secure and running smoothly.

4) Superior Data Protection

As in real estate, the 3 most important factors in choosing a cloud provider for data protection may be location, location, location. Companies that want to use cloud for backup and disaster recovery need to find a provider in the sweet spot between being too far away and too close.

If the cloud data center is too close, it may suffer from the same natural disaster or outage that affects the on-site data center. If the cloud provider is too far away, a company may experience performance problems, as well as reduced data accessibility and control.

The ideal cloud provider will offer options for disaster recovery sites and high availability across the area for regional redundancy. That way your company can gain some geographic diversity while still seeing gains in performance. 

5) Reliable Support

reliable-support-with-firstlightA local or regional cloud provider gives an organization access to trusted service and support. A regional provider will have a better understanding of the challenges a company in your area faces.

A local provider can also offer more personalized and reliable support for your cloud services. If the cloud provider is nearby, the team is more readily available. The provider is also more likely to understand the compliance regulations in your country and region, as well as those of your industry.

Cloud in Your Own Backyard

As organizations embrace a cloud-first and multicloud approach to business, they may be tempted to choose one of the major cloud providers. However, selecting a cloud provider in their own backyard may have advantages that should be considered.

For companies in the Northeast area, FirstLight is an ideal choice. We focus on this region, providing a wide range of cloud services that are all supported by the largest high-speed fiber network in the region.

Our cloud data centers deliver geographic redundancy while remaining close enough to your business to provide low latency, high availability, and optimal data protection.

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