Customer Support

Even in today’s world of online business, hands-on customer service is still an essential part of the customer journey. Call centers provide a human and personalized touch that consumers still crave. However, contact centers need technology to support these human interactions and provide a stellar customer experience.

The State of the Connected Customer Report found that both B2B (business to business) and consumer clients are very particular about the types of interactions they have with companies. According to the report, 67% of consumers say their customer experience standards are stricter than ever.

In this demanding climate, you might ask yourself: Is my business doing enough to make our contact center the best it can be? Today’s companies with contact centers need to invest in digital transformation to meet customer expectations and stay competitive.

The Customer Is Always Right

Using the right technology in your contact center can make the difference between winning and retaining loyal customers and losing them to your competitors. The State of the Connected Customer Report discovered that 57% of customers will switch to a competitor if they can get a better experience there.

On the other hand, customers who have a great experience interacting with your company may become advocates for your brand and recruit new customers. According to the report, an impressive 72% of consumers will share their positive customer experience with others.

technology-and-customer-experience-firstlightTechnology and Customer Experience

The Global Contact Center Survey found that voice is still the most significant channel for customer interactions. Out of the companies surveyed, 62% felt their customers prioritize ease of interaction and 50% chose access to the contact center as a high priority for customers. The survey discovered that voice is the channel used most frequently for the most complex customer interactions.

Adopting the right contact center technology is the key to streamlining customer interactions and ensuring that your call center is always available when customers want to reach you.  Technology must also guarantee a quality experience by delivering crystal-clear sound quality.

Only Connect

What E.M. Forster wrote in his early-20th-century novel Howards End is still valid today: “Only connect.” People still need to interact on a personal and professional level. However, today, instead of using letters, we use ever-evolving technology.

Contact center technology needs to evolve to take advantage of trends such as artificial intelligence, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and advanced data analytics so companies can design increasingly customized and satisfying customer experiences.

Using the cloud to host a call center system comes with many advantages, including a reduce burden on IT, evolving functionality, and virtually unlimited capacity. Cloud-based contact center allows companies to leverage unified communications for an omni-channel customer experience.

Supporting a contact center solution with a high-speed fiber optic network ensures that customers receive an always-on experience. Your company is available around the clock to answer questions and fill orders. Voice communications are free of latency, and high-quality audio makes it seem as though your representatives and their customers are in the same room.

everything-you-need-for-a-call-center-with-firstlightEverything You Need for Today’s Call Center

It’s possible to access all the tools your company needs to manage and run a state-of-the-art contact center. Even better, your company can adopt these tools affordably through a cloud contact center solution.

FirstLight offers Cloud Contact Center, enabling businesses to increase call center productivity and boost customer satisfaction. Our solution empowers companies to improve customer interactions through analytics. Using the cloud means gaining these advantages while avoiding capital expenses.

Features of Cloud Contact Center include:

  1. Enhanced IVR
  2. Omni-channel communications
  3. Dynamic notifications
  4. Agent scheduling and Q&A

All of these features and services are supported by FirstLight’s high-speed, low-latency fiber optic network.

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