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During the pandemic, many companies are working remotely, and so are their customers. Consumers are flooding contact centers with calls because visiting a physical location is rarely an option these days. These customers likely feel out of touch and are craving some special treatment.

Ask yourself if your contact center solution is giving your customers the attention they deserve. You need to ensure customers are getting the information and personal attention they need, when they need it.

With Cloud Contact Center, companies can meet the needs of their customers effectively and efficiently while keeping up with internal staffing and training challenges. Cloud Contact Center lowers costs, enhances customer service, and improves productivity.

Helping Customers Help Themselves

Receiving a personalized customer experience doesn’t always mean talking to a person. Cloud contact center offers interactive voice response (IVR) that uses pre-recorded voice prompts to guide callers. With IVR, customers are able to serve themselves without using up the time of a live agent. According to the Contact Center Challenges & Priorities for 2020 survey, almost a quarter of the companies surveyed felt that improving self-service was a top priority.

IVR helps optimize self-service by interacting with customers, gathering information, and directing the caller to the right place. This automated process accelerates the customer experience, making it more efficient and satisfying.

Cloud contact center leverages analytics to automate and streamline customer experience. Researchers at McKinsey & Company found that analytics reduced the average time spent handling a customer by 40% and increased self-service rates by up to 20%.

Making the Most of Your Contact Center Agents

Using IVR frees your contact center agents up to focus on more complex customer issues. The information gathered by the IVR system can be used to gain insights about customer needs and concerns so they can receive more individualized treatment from call center representatives.

With cloud call center, calls can be routed to team members who are skilled in dealing with certain issues. Precise routing is based on agent skill sets and competency levels, making best use of your staff members by playing to their strengths. Routing also prevents customers from experiencing the frustration of being stuck in a queue or being sent to the wrong place time after time.

Cloud call center enables your company to add offline staff as needed to meet changing contact center workload demands. New agents can be easily and quickly trained to staff the contact center. Accelerating the training process is crucial because contact centers tend to have a high employee turnover. The scaling capabilities of the cloud also allow contact centers to adapt to unpredictable increases in customer demand during the pandemic.

Personalizing the Customer Experience 

Personalizing consumer experience is a win-win for companies with contact centers. Customers receive product and service recommendations based on their needs and interests, while your company gets more opportunities for sales.

Cloud contact center personalizes customer experience using dynamic notifications. Dynamic notifications allow companies to send outbound voice, instant messaging, and email notifications. These dynamic notifications can contain messages targeted at upselling, cross-selling, or appointment scheduling.

Notifications can also be sent for collections or customer care surveys, allowing the business to recoup potential monetary losses and gather more intel about customers that can be used to tailor business processes further.

Keeping the Customer First

Customer satisfaction is the key to staying competitive. Customers that experience long wait times and don’t get what they want may turn to your competitors the next time they need a product or service. Cloud contact center prevents customer attrition by allowing them to be served quickly and efficiently. These satisfied customers may even become advocates for your brand, spreading the word about your excellent service.

FirstLight can help you transform your contact center using Cloud Contact Center. Our Cloud Contact Center solution reduces IT reliance and streamlines workflows for exceptional customer experience. FirstLight Cloud Contact Center uses robust analytics to personalize customer service. Features include enhanced IVR, omni-channel communications, dynamic notifications, and agent scheduling and quality assurance.

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