blogging-336376_1280It may still be fairly early in the summer but getting back to school should be on everyone’s mind when it comes to building a robust fiber network of high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity throughout Upstate New York and New England’s public schools and communities. In-classroom online learning experiences by incorporating the use of tablets, laptops and smartphones provide access to enriching online applications. With dedicated bandwidth classrooms and at home use of laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards become more collaborative and engaging than classroom lectures. School libraries become new places to engage and interact with new technologies when connected to high capacity broadband. When schools are connected, portable devices and a wide variety of tools that students and teachers can use in the classroom will aid in transforming the classroom capability for all students in Northern New England and Upstate NY, regardless of income.

So, what does this mean for fiber providers in the Northeast? The National Broadband Plan recommends 1 gigabit per second Internet connections to schools and libraries. FirstLight Fiber has been providing Internet access since 1998 with the philosophy that the greatest quality of service is provided not just by the highest possible connection speed, but also combined with superior peering arrangements and dedicated bandwidth delivered over a stable, fiber-based network. This means streaming video and the capacity to handle teachers’ increasingly Internet-dependent instructional activities can be utilized without skipping, pausing or constant buffering.  The core infrastructure is key when it comes connecting learning devices to the world and downloading content.

Preparing New England’s students with the skills they need to get good jobs and compete with other countries relies heavily on interactive, connected learning experiences driven by new technology in the classroom—and beyond. FirstLight is providing the broadband to connect students to the applications and content around the world.

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