In reflecting on another very successful Channel Partners show in Las Vegas a couple of things occurred to me. First, it’s the best time to be in channel sales, the channel is simply emerging at an incredible rate. Second, as different technologies come to the forefront, there is still one key thing that everyone needs.People Crowd in Exhibition

I always find myself wondering how FirstLight fits into an agent’s portfolio and this show helped me to crystalize our value proposition.  In the telco world, much has been circulating over SD-WAN and UCaaS for at least the past half decade. UCaaS goes back even further than that.

Do you know what an end user needs for the successful deployment for either of these technologies? You guessed correctly, a scalable, reliable, low latency, low jitter, guaranteed bandwidth, fiber connection is needed as the foundation of any successful service deployment.

For those of you who are the fence about SD-WAN, you still need scalable and reliable bandwidth for your business and that is where FirstLight comes into play.

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Whether you know now the direction that you are headed, or you are still unsure, FirstLight’s fiber-based solutions can suit all of your business needs while future-proofing your network.

I’d equate much of the discussion that surrounds SD-WAN to be very similar to the Cloud conversation of a few years ago. It took some time for folks to digest, but when they realized what it could do for them, they started putting their data into the Cloud. Your customers are going to come to the same realization with SD-WAN, especially those multi-site customers. They will want a cost-effective solution to tie their network together…SD-WAN will get them there, FirstLight can get them the Internet or Ethernet that they need to compliment that deployment.

UC has been around for a while now. It continues to ebb and flow and mature into a very popular cost-effective communications solution. I’m still reminded of the days when you’d order a handset, plug and play and sometimes it worked. Today those problems are the Appreciation sign boardexception rather than the rule. One way to power that UC deployment is through a dedicated fiber Internet connection by FirstLight. A low jitter and low latency network will most certainly allow for an ideal UC solution.

I’m looking forward to more Channel shows and connecting the dots on how FirstLight can be a part of your next solution. Happy selling.