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We all know what’s going on in the world. The stress on customer service managers, call centers and information technology is as high as it gets right now. The problem is that customer service never stops, and right now, routing calls intelligently is more important than ever. The problem is that agents are now forced to work remotely, and the technology you’re using to manage your customer service operations needs to support that with ease.

The Ideal Solution

the-ideal-cloud-solution-with-firstlight-solutionsA cloud-based call center solution is the ideal technology for routing calls to remote workers. Employees can stay in isolation, login to the solution and have calls routed to any phone number (mobile, home phone, or a soft client). Managers and supervisors can have the visibility they need to track customer experiences, and the best part is that capacity in the cloud is not a problem.  Inbound call queues won’t reach the ceiling the same way SIP Trunks or PRIs will, so in extreme scenarios, calls will still make their way in.

Cloud Doesn’t Mean a Sacrifice on Features

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the advanced features and integrations you need just to have a distributed workforce. Enhanced IVR, Omni-channel, Dynamic Notifications, Agent Scheduling & Routing—it’s all available in the cloud.

The Real Cost of Call Center

Total cost of ownership is always the most intelligent way to analyze the cost of any purchase. A cloud-based call center solution is a scalable, “as a service” model. That means it becomes an operating expense and grows or shrinks with the needs of the business.  The hidden savings of this model includes the reduced burden on managing the technology.  It can be hard to calculate, but owning a premises-based system comes with the challenge of hosting it, managing it, and designing a disaster recovery scenario if that system / facility experiences downtime. Cloud service providers are doing the heavy lifting of managing the infrastructure and that includes ensuring redundancy and availability. This leaves users of the system left to focus on optimizing how it can work for them (and the right partner can help with that too).

Ease of Implementation & Management

ease-of-implementation-management-with-firstlightMany organizations right now are scrambling to figure out how to handle remote work. This includes problems with VPN access, conducting virtual meetings, and handling customer service operations. While those issues get sorted out, many are likely wishing they had implemented a cloud-based call center solution already. One nice aspect of the cloud is that it’s already built and waiting for use. So even during this high stress time, conceivably a new solution could be put in place that is customized and configured for the needs of the business within 20 days, or even less in some cases.

Firstlight offers a robust cloud-based call center solution that offers redundancy, ease of management and the features that organizations need to thrive no matter how challenging the world around them gets.

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