Fierce Telecom LogoFIERCE TELECOM – February 27, 2015

CEOs may be the leaders who provide the vision for the company. But every great company must also have a slew of emerging leaders who work behind the scenes on key projects. These are the risk takers who work drive new products and initiatives that will keep a company on the cutting edge.

Every year, FierceTelecom takes a look at these up-and-coming executives and profiles them for our readers.

Not content with the status quo of the U.S. broadband market, Google Fiber has helped to change the way services are viewed with its deployments of 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services in various markets. Joining fellow FierceWireless honoree Craig Barrat is Google’s Dennis Kish, who replaced Milo Medin last September to head up Google Fiber (NASDAQ: GOOG).

Google Fiber’s expansion continues to influence a number of other telcos to make their own move into the 1 Gbps race, including TDS Telecom. Leading the mainly rural telco’s FTTH 1 Gbps initiative into secondary markets like Hollis, New Hampshire and St. Marys, Ga. is Matt Apps, senior manager of Internet product management and development at TDS Telecom.

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