VERMONT BUSINESS MAGAZINE – September 24, 2013 – FirstLight Fiber of Albany, NY, (formerly known as Tech Valley Communications), a facilities-based telecommunications service provider operating fiber optic networks in Upstate New York and Northern New England with connectivity to Canada, announced today that it has successfully completed Ethernet certification with a major U.S. based wireless carrier.

Under the terms of the agreement, FirstLight will provide wholesale backbone infrastructure and Ethernet-based, cell site backhaul solutions to support the carrier’s 4G rollout throughout northern New England. The additional capacity will assist the carrier with meeting the growing demand for mobile data, rich media and video on its network throughout the region. Leveraging its dense fiber footprint in New England and New York, FirstLight is able to provide wireless carriers with cost effective and scalable Ethernet connections in areas that are difficult to reach.

“The insatiable demand for bandwidth from wireless carriers is increasing,” stated Patrick Coughlin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FirstLight. “FirstLight’s innovative technology provides major wireless carriers with reliable and scalable solutions required to help their businesses thrive, and for their customers to receive a mobile experience that is fast, reliable, and content-rich.”

FirstLight is now Ethernet certified with all of the major U.S. wireless carriers. The rigorous certification process can take nearly a year to complete and assesses a number of factors including the carrier’s SLA performance as well as the ability to quickly turn up service. This certification is an important milestone and sets the stage for FirstLight to begin providing services to this carrier.

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