TMCNet – Dark Fiber Community – March 18, 2014 – FirstLight Fiber announced plans to upgrade its IP core network to deliver high-speed and low latency Internet services in Northern New England and Upstate New York. Following the development, FirstLight Fiber will create a unique internet service by architecting a carrier-grade high-performance regional network. Around 50 percent of the Internet traffic on FirstLight network will be able to connect directly to the destination site without intermediate hops, which will significantly reduce the latency.

“FirstLight’s network design philosophy is based on the understanding that the services we provide are vital to the sustainability and growth of all businesses, no matter the type or size,” said James Capuano, chief networking officer of FirstLight Fiber. “Our network is designed to provide the high level of quality, redundancy and resiliency that our customers have already come to know. As our network expands, we are increasing our gateways to the outside world and other parts of the Internet to create for the most premium connections.”

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