Scott Gilbert

Data Center CertificateData centers have undoubtedly put an end to the storage woes of a myriad of enterprises over the years. However, considering exponential data growth, constantly spiraling maintenance costs, and energy dissipation, decision makers are in pursuit of a dynamic data center solution that seamlessly adapts to the changes. Data center solution providers are striving each day to derive energy-efficient, cost-effective storage models to address client concerns better. And FirstLight, a company headquartered in Albany, New York, has been catering in this space, and has earned the reputation for providing efficient, holistic data center solutions that harness fiber optic networks. The company delivers high-speed data, internet, cloud, and voice services to enterprise and carrier customers across New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine over its exclusive fiber optic network. “Our objective is to deliver agile, cutting-edge data center solutions to clients by effective utilization of fiber optics and we’ve garnered significant visibility for our capabilities. As a result of several acquisitions, we now have 12 data centers located across several regions in the US and our fiber optic network is currently distributed across 14,000 miles,” mentions Scott Gilbert, EVP and CIO, FirstLight.

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