400 Mbps. connection provides faster, more reliable Internet to the private school’s 280 students and 53 faculty members

 FirstLight Fiber, a facilities-based telecommunications service provider operating in Upstate New York and Northern New England, announced today that it will provide high-speed Internet and voice services to Holderness School, an independent, private boarding and day school for grades 9–12, located in Plymouth, New Hampshire. FirstLight will provide the school with a 400 Mbps. Internet connection to allow faster wireless and network access and VoIP to all students, faculty and administration campus-wide.

“As part of our rigorous college preparatory education and curriculum offering, it is important for Holderness School to maintain a well-connected campus environment,” commented Paula Currie, Director of Technology Infrastructure for Holderness School. “When the need for bandwidth increased, FirstLight was the communications provider best suited to meet our needs, and more importantly, our budget. FirstLight has been extremely helpful during our transition, and I continue to be impressed with the service and professionalism of its team.”

At Holderness School, the majority of students live directly on campus throughout the year, and therefore, need “always on” connectivity. With hundreds of laptops and other mobile devices competing for network access throughout the day, the school anticipates increasing its bandwidth in the future, and at that time, is confident that FirstLight will be able to deliver.

“As part of FirstLight’s commitment to providing high quality, fiber-based connectivity services to some of our region’s finest schools, in full support of the E-Rate program, we are very proud to serve Holderness School,” stated Kurt Van Wagenen, President and CEO of FirstLight. “The high-speed Internet connection allows both students and faculty faster access to online resources, learning management systems and collaboration portals, as well as better overall Internet performance campus-wide to enhance the school’s learning environment.”

To learn how more about FirstLight Fiber and its comprehensive portfolio of secure, scalable E-Rate eligible solutions and knowledgeable staff experienced in working with K-12 districts, colleges and universities, visit www.firstlight.net.