Company Wins E-Rate Bid to Connect Franklin, NH Area Schools

FirstLight Fiber, a facilities-based telecommunications service provider operating in Upstate New York and Northern New England, announced today that, in accordance with E-Rate, a federally mandated program that makes telecommunications and information services more affordable for schools and libraries across the US, will provide dedicated fiber, Internet and voice services to Franklin and Hill School Districts in New Hampshire (SAU#18).   FirstLight will connect SAU#18’s elementary and middle schools back to the high school for improved access to school servers and other technology resources. Additionally, FirstLight will provide voice services for three schools within the Franklin School District.

SAU#18 has a well-established working relationship with FirstLight, having worked one of the company’s predecessors more than ten years ago. As part of the E-Rate bidding and selection process, SAU#18 contacted all available local Internet service providers, and ultimately chose FirstLight for its bandwidth speeds, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service and support.

“FirstLight’s high quality fiber connections provide the speeds essential to support the new age of learning in our schools and allow our staff and students the consistent, reliable service needed to maintain our cloud and server based environments,” commented Adam Hollins, IT Director for SAU#18.  “We have been very pleased with FirstLight’s level of knowledge, professionalism and quality of its services and support.”

“We take tremendous pride in FirstLight’s ability to serve our area school districts, such as SAU#18,” stated Kurt Van Wagenen, President and CEO of FirstLight. “FirstLight’s service set is tailored to the needs of schools, offering fiber-based solutions that offer the scalability and reliability required to create a learning environment that benefits the school district.  We’re happy to continue our relationship with SAU#18, and look forward to helping the district’s teachers and students continue to thrive in the digital age.”

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