Combination of FirstLight’s Low-Latency Fiber Connections Combined with Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN) Creates a Compelling End-to-End Solution 

ALBANY, NY – October 30, 2018 FirstLight, a leading provider of fiber-optic data, Internet, data center, cloud and voice services to enterprise and carrier customers throughout the Northeast, announced today that it is leveraging Megaport’s global Software Defined Network (SDN) to access Megaport’s ecosystem of over 300 service providers to seamlessly connect its clients to the public cloud and IT service providers.

Through this relationship, FirstLight’s customers are able to source a complete solution enabling them to connect to the public cloud providers of their choice with greater flexibility, reduced costs and increased speed to market.  Customers enjoy low latency, high quality FirstLight fiber-based solutions, while leveraging seamless cloud connectivity, all through a trusted partner who guarantees excellence in performance and provides scalable and reliable services.

“Enterprises need a quick and easy way to directly connect to cloud service providers. Megaport’s Software Defined Network enables customers with fast, flexible and on-demand connectivity to any services in the Megaport Ecosystem,” said Vincent English, CEO of Megaport. “Customers can provision capacity in near real time through our web-based portal. In this way, we have made the network buying experience similar to the cloud buying experience. We are very excited to work with FirstLight, helping them to provide their customers with the ability to seamlessly connect to the public cloud.”

As a leading Network as a Service provider, Megaport enables dedicated connectivity on its SDN, which connects over 230 locations globally. Connections are provisioned in as little as 59 seconds, with secure access to hundreds of leading global providers such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Salesforce, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud, to name a few.  The scalable, flexible Elastic Interconnection services offered by Megaport allow customers to adjust their capacity needs when and as necessary, while offering secure, reliable connections.

“At FirstLight, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive business solutions delivered over our state-of-the-art fiber optic network,” stated Kurt Van Wagenen, President and CEO of FirstLight.  “Our relationship with Megaport means that we can connect our clients to the cloud provider of their choice, delivering a seamless collaboration experience.”

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