Earlier this month Vertical Systems Group released its  list of the top US retail and wholesale fiber providers, recognizing FirstLight amongst the Top 12 companies to be included in the 2017 Fiber Lit Buildings Challenge Tier.  Vertical Systems Group works to quantify trends in networking markets including the surge of higher bandwidth applications, the rise of cloud connectivity, the availability of optical fiber access, and the projected impact of SDN, NFV, LSO and emerging solutions.

To qualify for one of the Fiber Lit Leaderboard top 10 spots, companies needed to surpass the benchmark of 10,000 or more on-net US fiber lit commercial buildings as of the end of 2017.  In addition to this, a further 12 companies qualified for the 2017 Fiber Lit Buildings Challenge Tier. In order to qualify for the challenge tier, the top providers needed between 2000 and 9,999 US fiber-lit commercial buildings by the end of 2017.  FirstLight sits proudly amongst another 11 respected companies in the 2017 Challenge Tier.

Rosemary Cochran, principal of Vertical Systems Group said, “Merger, acquisition and re-branding activity across the fiber provider landscape is so intense that it takes a scorecard to keep track. Nearly every one of this year’s Fiber LEADERBOARD and Challenge Tier companies has been impacted by one or more fiber-related transactions in the past year.”

FirstLight, headquartered in Albany, New York, is provider of fiber-optic bandwidth infrastructure services. The company connects nearly 8,000 locations in service with more than 20,000 locations serviceable by a 14,000-route mile network. Being listed among the top 22 lit fiber providers in the US is a great honor for the company and is indicative of the focus that the company has placed on continuing to support the communications needs of its customers.