Whether it was CenturyLink buying Level 3, Crown Castle buying Lightower or regional operator Atlantic Broadband acquiring dark fiber assets from FiberLight, the year 2017 showed that fiber is valuable to a diverse set of service providers.
FierceTelecom Logo In this report, we consider two key metrics on publicly available information gathered from fiber service providers:

Fiber Route Miles: These are measured by the conduit length. Route miles are different from fiber miles, which is the number of route miles in a network multiplied by the number of fiber strands within each cable on the network.

Financial: We also looked at the cash amount of each fiber deal, which most providers disclosed publicly, while others like FirstLight and Logix did not.

We’re ranking each one of these deals with the accompanying summary and chart below by the deal amount and the amount of fiber acquired. We also highlight the fact that some of these service providers, like Verizon and FirstLight, purchased a few providers.

So which U.S.-based providers purchased the most fiber in 2017?

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