Back in the technological Stone Age, IT environments were siloed. Companies were forced to make decisions based on incomplete data because a comprehensive view couldn’t be accessed across the business. Meeting capacity needs was a guessing game. Afraid of falling short on workload needs, IT leaders over-provisioned, leaving many servers idle.Evolving Abstract Image

Provisioning hardware and software was a time-consuming process. IT departments could only be reactive because making changes, such as on-boarding employees or refreshing resources, was so difficult.

Hopefully, these scenarios don’t describe the current state of your IT infrastructure. Companies that want to gain a competitive edge need to update the ways they approach infrastructure architecture. Today, IT leaders are turning to hybrid cloud and multicloud to increase business flexibility, bolster data protection, and encourage innovation.

Building an Agile and Reliable Infrastructure

As companies have learned to embrace the cloud, they have grown partial to the hybrid cloud model. Hybrid cloud helps bridge the gap between the enterprise and the cloud provider. With hybrid cloud, companies can secure and maintain control over their data while still benefiting from the affordability and accessibility of the public cloud.

By using both public and private cloud models, companies can attain high levels of availability. The public cloud provides the redundancy and resilience needed for backup and recovery of private cloud resources. The hybrid cloud model allows organizations to create an affordable disaster recovery plan that offers geographical diversity without sacrificing low latency.

Hybrid cloud also empowers companies to innovate by allowing them to easily build and dismantle application development and testing environments. These DevOps environments can be deployed in the public cloud, separate from the production environment.

Taking the Reins With Cloud

The IT infrastructure of the future will empower your business to make changes quickly and seamlessly. Resources such as hardware and applications can be rapidly provisioned for employee onboarding. Capacity can be added and subtracted as workloads fluctuate.

Platforms are available that give companies even more control over the cloud. Organizations are able to deploy cloud services themselves with the click of a button. Managing and maintaining public cloud environments is possible through a mobile device.

Making a Digital Transformation

The cloud has become a major player in the process of digital transformation. With cloud, companies can get out of the Stone Age and build the IT infrastructure of the future. Instead of reacting to problems as they emerge, IT teams can be more proactive, easily adding cloud models and services as they innovate and participate in strategic aspects of the business.

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