The new year marks the perfect opportunity for improvement and progression. On the business side of things, what can companies do to increase profits? To stay ahead of competitors? To best streamline operations and save money? To achieve even more success than the prior year?

A great way to ensure success in 2017 for your business is aligning with the right partner.

To kick off the first in a series of blogs focused on our channel, we’re focused on how to identify a solid communications provider. After all, success is pretty hard to come by when there are connectivity issues for your business clients – which is why having the right connectivity partner is crucial.

When aligning with a communications service provider, keep the following checklist in mind to ensure the provider has:

  • Strong Service Offerings. Does the communications provider specialize in the latest, technologies available? What type of network infrastructure is offered? What level of network resiliency and support does the provider offer? How secure is the data in transit? It’s also important to consider a partner who offers a complementary, comprehensive communications solutions portfolio – Internet (ideally fiber-based), Data, Data Center, and Voice – as customized communication plans and flexibility are critical benefits for connectivity solutions.
  • Skilled Team and Leading Customer Service. Customer service is everything to a business – no matter how expansive the service offerings are, excellent customer service is truly what makes all the difference. Choose to work with a provider backed by a skilled, experienced team with a proven track record of success in terms of customer relations and retention. Consider a team that is locally-based within each of its markets and focused on supporting each customer’s needs.
  • Market Focus. Determine what the prospective partner’s specific target markets are – both geographically and by business type. Understand the type of customer base this partner is currently serving to ensure that it aligns with your business in terms of location, size, industry and overall application. Lastly, assess the level of experience your potential partner has – strengths, successes, knowledge of competitive providers and the market overall.
  • Stability & Security. Overall profitability and growth are highly important factors to consider. Aside from profitability and growth potential, the stability and security of a channel partner’s business model relies on service quality, management competency, and viability for target markets.
  • Exceptional Support and Training. Technical expertise, support, and dedication to your success matters. What initial training and ongoing support will there be for your business to ensure success in the short- and long-term?
  • Competitive Commission Structure. You’re investing in a channel program to grow your business and make money. It’s important when you enter an agreement with a partner that you understand how the commission process works, and that the provider equips you with the proper tools for success to earn commissions.

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