The cloud: two words with a big meaning. For most of us in the telecom industry, we couldn’t imagine having an IT Infrastructure without cloud, as it’s the foundation that organizations rely on to stand out among their competitors. However, a majority of executives say their infrastructure is not keeping pace with today’s cloud technology advancements, leaving them at a disadvantage.

So, how do today’s agents ensure they can maintain a competitive advantage without Cloud Networkhaving cloud computing in their suite of services? The answer is quite simple; by finding the right partner. By taking advantage of a successful partner’s offerings, it could provide your company with the IT infrastructure solutions it needs to maximize revenues and profits. This is probably the time where you begin contemplating exactly how and where to start. That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve highlighted the top tips for developing successful cloud solutions by leveraging your trusted and reliable provider.

Determine Clear Objectives and Incentives:

Finding the right partner is a big factor in building a successful cloud portfolio.  A gents need a partner who will help them grow and evolve with the ever-changing customer requirements. Before reaching out to various channel partners, first draw a clear image of your ideal partner. Whether that means specifying location, size, technical skills or expertise in a given market or account type, you should have a list of requirements ready for discussion.

Next, determine if their program is a successful one by asking your prospective cloud partner the following questions to determine whether their solutions will live up to their hype:

  1. Can they show successful similar deployments?
  2. Do they have an all-inclusive Disaster Recovery Plan?
  3. Can you configure the solution to meet your needs?
  4. Do they offer contract flexibility and price protection?
  5. Do they have a strong history of service-level performance?

Remove Confusion Around the Cloud:

The truth is, some organizations are still uneasy about transitioning into cloud computing and how it will play out in future investments. Make now the time to educate yourself about the infinite opportunities that the cloud can bring. Whether you are trying to sell a private, public or hybrid approach, receiving education and training is the answer to make the sale. That means you should be staying up to date with your cloud partner, by checking in on a regular basis and asking them the questions that will help you win the sales you need.

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