FierceTelecomFIERCE TELECOM — June 27, 2013 — Tech Valley Communications, a fiber-centric competitive provider, has introduced a new capability that will enable it to deliver 10 Gbps Ethernet and optical wavelength services in 10 days.

This accelerated turnup program for 10G services will be offered to new and existing customers that are located in the 1,300 on-net fiber buildings it has in upstate New York and northern New England.

Served over a network that runs through five states, the majority of its lit buildings are in upstate New York, but it also has presence in the former Tel Jet territory in Vermont and Seg Tel market in New Hampshire.

In addition to the network infrastructure, the service provider has put in the necessary back office elements to support any 10G order.

Kevin O’Connor, president and CEO of Tech Valley, said the initiative is about reducing service activation times for its growing base of multisite customers that reside in Tier 2 and 3 markets and are often ignored by large telcos.

“Because of the network we have built here this is a service we can do and we’d like to roll this out as a category killer for our customers and give them an opportunity to leapfrog their current connection and speeds,” he said in an interview with FierceTelecom. “This is something we can do because of the investments we made in the network for the three to four years since we did the investment with private equity fund Riverside Partners.”

O’Connor says that the 10G service will appeal to the health care, education, and the public sector vertical segments.

“We do a lot of business in the health care verticals with the area hospitals and large doctors’ offices, and with the kind of information they are sharing right now, a 10G point-to-point might prove attractive to those guys,” O’Connor said. “Similarly, we think it might have some traction in the educational vertical and we’re also rolling it out to the government vertical as well to see if there’s any appetite over there.”