Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has transformed the way companies work by enabling fast and reliable internal and external communications through a broadband internet connection. Efficient communication means improved workflows that result in increased productivity and profit.

The workplace dynamic is changing in ways that demand more from VoIP technologies. Employees are spending more time working outside of the ofCommunication fice. In its State of the American Workplace report, a performance-management consulting company found that employees spend 60% to 80% of their week working remotely.

Employees are also spending more time collaborating on projects. A Harvard Business Review study found that time spent on collaborating activities has increased by 50% over the last two decades. Today, 80% of employee collaboration is done over phone or email, or through video conferencing.

Recent breakthroughs in VoIP technology are spawning the next generation of VoIP products and solutions for businesses, including unified communications (UC) platforms and UC as a Service (UCaaS). These developments make business collaboration easier in a distributed workforce environment.more

Keeping Everyone on the Same Page With a UC Platform

Simplified business collaboration is the key to elevated employee productivity and innovation. Employees feel empowered when they are able to use a variety of tools to work together on initiatives. However, collaboration is difficult to achieve when employees are forced to work with a jumble of disconnected communications tools.

A UC platform solves this problem by creating a seamless connection between every mode of communication. A single platform integrates voice, video conferencing, file sharing, email, fax, and instant messaging. Integrating these communication channels gives employees the flexibility they need to work when, where, and how they want.

UC allows employees to orchestrate interactions easily. The platform integrates employee calendars so team members can see each other’s availability. Company users can conduct impromptu group meetings or schedule a one-on-one with a staff member. With this efficient form of communication, you can bid farewell to the possibility of missing an important meeting or message or duplicating work that has already been completed.

Telephony is also simplified through the UC platform. Phone lines can interconnect so clients can reach employees anytime using a single phone number. Calls can seamlessly transfer from a mobile device to a landline or office phone. For internal communication, employees can be contacted simply by selecting their name.

Each form of communication funnels into a single inbox so employees can easily track developments in a project. File sharing enables team members to maintain version control over documents that are being worked on by several people at once.

Taking UC Into the Cloud

UCaaS is part of a growing portfolio of cloud services. By enabling UC in the cloud, companies benefit from high availability real-time communication. VoIP, instant messaging, and video conferencing can be incorporated into any application through APIs.

Like any cloud service, UCaaS allows your business to acquire communication services on-demand, purchasing only what you need, when you need it. Text and call plans can be paid for by way of a fixed-rate monthly subscription.

UCaaS not only encourages and supports employee communication and collaboration, it also improves customer service. With UCaaS, your business can automate and personalize interactions with customers. They can receive appointment reminders as well as shipment tracking notifications and customized sales offers.

The Future of VoIP

The developments of the UC platform and UCaaS illustrate how VoIP is evolving to meet the demands of today’s workplace. VoIP has become an integral part of a large network of communication channels that employees use to interact and share ideas. With UC, companies can coordinate communication channels so employees can work together efficiently no matter where they are.

As a leader in VoIP, Oxford Networks has the expertise to handle a UC implementation. Whether your business chooses to deploy a UC platform onsite or in the cloud, Oxford can guide you through the process.

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