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Many call centers still run on legacy technology and old software. The end result is using more resources to support the system and network, having less time to properly service customers, and losing out on valuable information to help the business grow. All three are killers to the company’s bottom line. reports that 15% of customers will jump to a competitor if their issue isn’t resolved on the first call. American Express has found that 33% of customers will consider switching companies after one single instance of poor customer service.

According to Forbes, $75 billion are lost by businesses every year due to poor customer service.

So, what is your company doing to support its front line?

Call CenterUpping Your Call Center Game With the Cloud

Old tech often makes it difficult to add new channels of contact. It may be lacking the ability to incorporate new application programming interfaces (APIs), so different applications and programs can’t talk to each other, or creating communication silos, making it difficult to access and analyze data to improve best practices and customer acquisition and retention.

The cloud provides every service platform needed for inbound inquiries and outbound sales and marketing initiatives, such as phone lines, applications, social media channels, text services, and web-based chat.

Here are 4 benefits of using the cloud for call center operations:

Adaptable and Innovative

New communication channels can be added easily, freeing up your internal IT staff to tackle more important tasks to help your business grow.

The cloud will provide an environment to build, prototype, and deploy new sales initiatives. Employees can then tweak them or create iterations to test against each other for the best solution.

Up-to-Date Security

A cloud solution will also immediately update itself whenever a new security patch comes up, helping to keep the network safer from outside attacks. Going to the cloud also means increased reliability and availability for employees, even if they’re working remotely.

Data Collection and Analytics

Cloud-based applications can collect data from every data point and provide instant and long-term analytics. Custom reports can be easily created to provide current snapshots and future projections, so management can accurately measure performance and make the necessary changes and tweaks to direct the future growth of the business.

Large Cost Savings

According to talkdesk, call centers that utilize the cloud are 27% cheaper to operate and experience 35% less downtime than their on-premises competitors.

Backup and Recovery

The cloud provides DRaaS solutions, including backup and recovery. It offers the highest protection available from hacks and malware. It will shorten the amount of time a call center is offline, including avoiding long downtimes when installing new hardware. This all leads to happier employees and higher profit margins.

locked communicationFirstLight Is Here to Help You Leap to the Cloud

At FirstLight, we know the unique challenges facing call centers. We’ll walk you through all aspects of switching to the cloud and how it will help you retain customers, lower churn, beef up your security, and raise profits.

Find out about our Cloud Contact Center solution. Contact a call center expert today to get started on revolutionizing your network and business!